As a Content Writer Intern at Cyboard School, you will have the opportunity to work alongside our passionate team in shaping the future of education through digital content. You will be responsible for creating informative and engaging content that resonates with our audience and contributes to our online visibility. Additionally, you will be involved in crafting ad copies and managing WhatsApp and email campaign content.



Key Responsibilities:

  • Conduct research to identify relevant topics and keywords to incorporate into content.
  • Write informative and engaging content that aligns with our company’s values and resonates withour target audience.
  • Create compelling content for Quora, blogs, email & WhatsApp campaigns, social media, and ads Optimize content for on-page SEO elements, including meta titles, meta descriptions, header tags, and internal/external links. Apply SEO best practices to ad copies.
  • Collaborate with the marketing team to develop content strategies that promote our company’s initiatives.
  • Assist in monitoring content performance using SEO tools and analytics. Provide insights for continuous improvement.
  • Proofread and ensure the quality of the content to maintain professionalism and engagement.




  • Bachelors’s degree in marketing or a related field.
  • Excellent project management skills.
  • Good understanding of digital marketing concepts and tools.
  • Up-to-date knowledge of all digital platforms and tools.
  • Good analytical skills and experience with web analytics tools.
  • Must have strong data-driven thinking.



JOB TYPE: Full Time Internship 


LOCATION: Gurugram 


Salary: 10k – 15k Monthly 

Deadline: 2nd October 


Address: 310-311, 3rd Floor, Vipul Agora, MG Road,Gurgaon, Haryana -122 002, India

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