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Modern digital transformation has made data a key asset in our data-driven economy, but most of the data is trapped in proprietary silos. Enterprise data sharing is the need of the hour to protect user privacy abuse, increase business profits and enhance user experience and create new lead business model. VeriSmart is a blockchain-based data exchange platform that enables businesses to exchange their data with each other in a privacy-compliant manner, helping enterprises retain data ownership and protect their users from third party data abuse. VeriSmart platform tracks who shared what data with whom, when, by what means & for what purpose, without storing any user data on the platform. The platform helps businesses to create a recurring revenue model by monetizing their data with other enterprises and third parties on a subscription basis.



● Develop a comprehensive social media strategy aligned with the
company’s goals and objectives.
● Create high quality, engaging content for social media platforms such as
Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.
● Utilize social media management tools to schedule posts, track analytics
and identify trends.
● Identify opportunities for growth and improvement based on social media
analytics and user feedback.
● Experience in Podcasting, demonstrating proficiency in audio content
creation and distribution.
● Fluent in English with exceptional writing skills, capable of producing
compelling and grammatically correct content.
● A micro-influencer, with the capacity to drive engagement and brand
awareness within the network.
● Micro Influencer status to authentically engage with followers and
potentially collaborate with other influencers to amplify brand reach.
● Creative thinker with a keen eye for visual aesthetics.
● Proactive and self-motivated, with a passion for staying ahead of industry
trends and continuously improving social media strategies.

Additional Qualifications:

● Good to have familiarity with SEO principles and content optimization.
● Creative mindset with the ability to think outside the box.
● Strong organizational and time-management skills.

Salary: For Internship – 20000/month and for Full time – 40000/month.

Deadline: 4th April, 2024

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